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Hi, my name is Ramsey (yes that’s my first name) and you’re probably here reading this as you have a wedding dress that needs cleaning, so I would like to take this opportunity to explain to you exactly what I do and the benefits of using my unique service.

Ramsey Soudah, Wedding dress cleaning specialist
Me and my little monkey!

Until recently, the only option for a bride to get her dress cleaned after her wedding was to take it to the dry cleaners. Dry cleaning is often expensive and doesn’t always achieve the results you were hoping for. This is where I come in.

I started cleaning wedding dresses over seven years ago when I ran my own bridal boutique. It was then I noticed a gap in the market. There were no specialist wedding dress cleaning services and so I took on the challenge of researching the fabrics and various stain removing solutions for myself and it didn’t take long before I was getting worn wedding dresses back to perfect condition again.

Over seven years on and with a LOT of wedding dress cleans behind me I now have what I believe to be a unique understanding of these gowns and the various solutions that are harmless to the fabrics of these dresses but are tough on the stains. I don’t think a washing machine is by any means the best place for something as delicate as a wedding dress and so everything is hand washed! You will no doubt have fears and concerns about letting someone clean your cherished dress. I understand that which is why I will always have a full discussion with you beforehand. My service is unique, I am unaware of anyone else that offers a hand-washing wedding dress cleaning service like I do. My brides are not just ‘another customer’ they are people who are worried that their beautiful dress will never again look like it did the first time they put it on, they are people who would love their dress to be restored as much as possible to it’s original condition and by someone they can trust to do just that.

Before and after wedding dress clean
A before and after of a very challenging clean!

I don’t have any staff, I don’t use any third parties (apart from a couple of experienced seamstresses I use for any repairs you require.) I personally take care of every dress from start to finish. I will collect from a prearranged address, clean and box the dress before returning it you. I have often been told I am a perfectionist and many customers have, when shown a photo of their dress halfway through cleaning, said to me they are over the moon with how it looks, but I take it personally when a stain doesn’t want to come out and I won’t stop trying until I have, in most cases, got it out, or exhausted all known stain removing solutions to realise it is there to stay, however, even in those rare instances where a stain will not completely come out I manage to get them faded to a point that it can take several minutes to find again, even by myself when I know where it is!

Wedding dress cleaning recommendation
A typical review, nothing makes me happier

If you are thinking of using me to clean and preserve your wedding dress please do not hesitate to get in touch by email, phone, social media. I am extremely down to earth and very approachable, call me for a chat about your dress, I guarantee I will put your mind at ease with any issues you may have regarding getting your dress cleaned and alleviate any fears you may have about who to trust to do it!

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